Executive Career Management

There are many resources  available to assist in managing your executive career and it is likely you have secured the services of a Certified Professional Resume Writer, Career Coach or Personal Branding Strategist. You may have invested in furthering your education to obtain additional accreditation’s and you are likely a paid member of various organizations. All are positive steps to managing a successful career. However, there is one more step that is sure to accelerate the success of your career and it is one which does not require a fee.

The one professional not directly linked to the organization or company that is seeking to hire their next candidate could be the most powerful connection to securing the job. If you really are good at what you do; if you are an expert in your industry, this is the individual who just might have you climbing your ladder to career success, two rungs at a time! Responsible for finding the perfect fit for the employer, it is the recruiter who will make the decision on the individual they believe best meets the criteria to present as a potential candidate.

Although the recruiter’s obligation is to the hiring company or organization, it is not possible to fulfill their mandate without their resource; professionals with the attributes necessary to assume the available position. Recruiters are key decision makers which makes them a valuable asset to your career. If you have not initiated a relationship or responded to the top recruiters in your industry you could be missing out on essential career advice and a chance to advance in your career.

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