Cover Letter – Make It Personal

A professional resume is critical to a successful job search and an enticing cover letter is the key to having your resume noticed! HR professionals and recruiters are accustomed to reviewing cover letters within a matter of seconds noting most are typically generic and quickly discarded.

If you want your cover letter noticed, make it personal! This is your opportunity to relay some important personal details related to your professional aspirations and accomplishments which may not be included in your resume. Also, unlike your resume, your cover letter will be written in the first person.

My position in Canada is being eliminated and I am not open to relocate to another global business unit.

I have numerous project accomplishments I wish to share with you.

Make it personal and impressive. Don’t be shy when it comes to bragging about your accomplishments. You did it! These accomplishments must be backed up in your resume and clearly relayed in a detailed and quantifiable manner.

I renegotiated various agreements to keep the project on track and without sacrificing quality.

I conceive and deliver large, high value, high profile solutions.

I have led teams peaking at 100-persons located at various points across the world.

Making it personal is not just about you, you need to assure the reader that you are addressing this cover letter to them and not just anyone who is willing to read it. Do your homework. The effort you put into your cover letter will lend assurance to the reader that you will put that extra effort into your job. Resources are abundant to secure information regarding the performance of most companies or organizations.

I can rectify under-performance and a dysfunctional business unit.

Your organizations CSR initiatives and employee involvement indicate this position to be a perfect cultural fit.

If  you are searching for an innovative and persistent leader able to shift the company positively and competitively forward, please contact me for an interview. I can make a difference!

What is more personal than a name? If you are able to address your cover letter to the individual who will be reading it, you will establish a positive first impression and a personal connection that could present you with your next job opportunity.


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