Interviewers Making Mistakes!

Really, do interviewers make mistakes? Yes, of course they do. It’s a two-way street; a meeting of the minds. Interviewers always get nervous. It’s only human nature.  

Surveys normally focus on the interviewees. However, recently Development Dimensions International (DDI) turned the tables and decided to research interviewers with some intriguing findings.  

They asked interviewees questions resulting in the following responses of being kept waiting for unreasonable lengths of time, not being given all the information about the job, being asked questions that had nothing to do with the position, projecting a sense of being rushed and even an interview that made the person feel like it was a murder trial! Here are the top mistakes by interviewers: 

Acting like there’s no time to talk:                               70% 

Not being forthcoming about the job itself:                 57%

Making the interview a “cross-examination”:              51% 

Coming in late/excessive waiting to be seen:            48%

Coming to the meeting unprepared:                           47% 

Asking questions that aren’t relevant to the job:         43% 

Some interesting statistics, don’t you think? Happy interviewing!

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