Jobs and Industries of the Past

Will your current occupation or industry continue to be a viable one despite changing trends and technological advances? The Milkman, the Iceman, Telegraph Operator and Lector are just a few of the occupations described in this interesting article, The Jobs of Yesteryear; Obsolete Occupations. Long forgotten and for many, jobs never heard of, a list that will continue to grow as we move forward in time.

Managing a successful executive career entails due diligence in monitoring industry trends and global economic forecasts to ensure the career path you have established is a viable one. Change is inevitable, whether related to technology or trends and it is with knowledge and acceptance that you will gain the competitive edge necessary to maintain a successful career or secure consideration as a potential candidate in a job search.

A decision to seek a job producing or selling ice boxes when refrigerators and freezers were ramping up production to meet sales would not have been a prudent one. The impact of the rising price of oil on the auto industry has been apparent and you need only look at the selling price of a used Hummer and the decision to end production. The fate of the ice box or the Hummer was to many, foreseeable but there will always be those who, despite all indications otherwise did not agree. A lack of knowledge or a resistance to accept anything new had many refusing to buy a microwave. Did you have one in your home in the early 80’s?

In addition to staying current with industry and economic trends, history is a wonderful source for gaining knowledge and acceptance. You need only review the many jobs and industries of the past to understand the impact of technological advancements and economic conditions on a career. Today, there are many who do not believe an online presence is a key factor in managing a successful career or that mobile devices are overtaking sales of computers but not so long ago there were also those who did not believe the Wright brothers could fly either!


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