Who has read your resume?

Hopefully you have had your resume read by everyone you know including a Certified Professional Resume Writer before sending it out to an HR professional or recruiter. A professional resume is a critical component in any job search. It is a document that will get you in the door for a job interview or dismiss you from consideration. If for any reason it does not impress the decision maker, you will be eliminated as a potential candidate so it is in your best interest to have it read by a professional but don’t stop there. Your resume will be distributed to a wide range of decision makers so acquiring feedback from multiple sources will also be beneficial and who better to request support than from family and friends? As your strongest supporters, friends and family are likely to be forthright in their evaluation of your resume and those close to you may also remind you of an impressive achievement that you might otherwise have long forgotten.

Don’t miss an opportunity to network and welcome more support by sharing or exchanging your resume with colleagues. Offer feedback on what impresses you when you review their resume. Will your most impressive attributes and accomplishments stand out when your resume is scrutinized? Acquiring constructive and positive feedback will help to ensure your resume will get the attention you want and inspire continued networking; the most successful job search tool.

The resume writing support from friends, family and colleagues can be very helpful, although none are likely to be Certified Professional Resume Writers, so be sure to seek out the professionals before you submit your resume to apply for a position. Typo’s, contact information lacking a home address, phone number or Linkedin address, employment history gaps, inappropriate personal information, lack of quantifiable accomplishments, missing graduation dates or too many pages are just a few reasons your resume could result in your elimination as a potential candidate.

An experienced Certified Professional Resume Writer knows what decision makers are looking for so get your resume read by submitting it for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer to ensure you will get the job interview you are seeking.

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