It is the notion of privacy that has many missing out on the tremendous opportunities that are possible through the use of social media. Privacy has been sold as a protection but when managing a career consideration must be given to who it is protecting.  It is understandable that those with something to hide or involved in criminal activity would have an interest in maintaining a low profile but surprisingly we find the majority of those who do not support cameras in public areas are not the thieves or abusers who would likely get caught, they are those who, for whatever reason embrace the concept of the fight for “privacy”! The invasion of privacy that so many have bought into has definitely protected those who have something to hide but this too is changing! Of course we have a responsibility to protect our children from sharing information with strangers online but this advise was given long before the Internet age. So too is it necessary to recognize that personal financial information should be protected, whether at home in a locked safe or by ignoring any email which is requesting financial information.

Social Media should not be regarded as an invasion of privacy but rather a venue which is enabling an age of communities not unlike the close knit villages of days gone by when children played together, mothers worked along with other mothers to care for children and fathers worked together trading goods, farming and sharing the tasks of erecting buildings or digging wells. The industrial revolution led us into an era of oneself rather than ourselves and with that, privacy was an easy sell. Social Media is swinging the pendulum the opposite direction and close knit communities are emerging online around the globe. Like minded individuals are sharing ideas, promoting causes and networking with colleagues to advance in their careers. Communication is no longer inhibited by logistics and the wealth of information is infinite. Word of mouth, the most trusted of recommendations is easily obtainable with a simple search and this online visibility is transitioning businesses to give back to their customers by incorporating social responsibility.

Today, the transparency that has resulted from establishing a genuine and authentic personal brand utilizing social media has not resulted in damage due to a lack of privacy but in unlimited opportunities! Unless of course the information you have provided on your resume is not factual. A successful job search strategy involves a profile which is visible, concise, reputable and one which does not generate any red flags, not unlike a resume which should never leave any significant gaps in employment. You may think it is negative to note a year as a “homemaker” or in a part time position but this is much more preferable than leaving a decision maker wondering if you were incarcerated for that year! A recruiter or potential employer is focused on an individual with the qualifications they are seeking and will find those potential candidates among the many who have made the effort to stand out in a crowd. A successful executive career requires a highly visible and impressive online profile. This professional profile should not include personal details related to financial, religious or political information; that is private.


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