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Many of you are likely subscribed to a number of feeds providing the latest blog posts on executive career management, Monster’s job posts or a daily inspirational article. Recently, I opened one of hundreds of articles that I have been subscribed to for the past few years and quickly deleted it. When I realized I had barely looked at the content prior to deleting it, it suddenly occurred to me why this particular blog post didn’t resonate with me.

This is a favourite blog post which I often share on Facebook or retweet on Twitter. As an inspirational post, many of the authors are recognized for their courage in sharing their own personal experiences touching on failures and successes to offer advice. The key word is personal! It denotes a genuine and authentic impression lending credibility to the content.

The reason I quickly deleted that particular days article without investing the time to read it was because it lacked a personal touch; the photo! Since all but this one post have consistently provided a personal photo and short introduction, it wasn’t until I received one without it that I realized it had been a key component of these articles; it put a human being behind the words. It was a personal touch which generated a first impression of credibility.

First impressions count! Reaching out to offer a firm handshake is the personal touch which will interest someone to get to know you. It is a personal message on Linkedin rather than the generic message that will inspire someone to link in with you. And it will be a professional photo added to your online profiles which will create a positive first impression and the personal touch needed to generate credibility. It will influence decision makers to invest the time to read your profile and discover your qualifications. Although your cover letter and resume will not include a photo, the opportunity is still there to add a personal touch by sending it attention to a specific individual and adding content which is directly related to the company and position.

The face to face personal touch, whether a firm handshake, a genuine smile or a friendly greeting will generate a positive impression. If you want to share information online, a professional photo generates a positive first impression and is key to establishing a genuine, authentic and credible brand. Don’t forget this most important personal touch!


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