Are you looking for a job, a position or your passion?

Whether you are looking for a job, a position or the role you are passionate about, the goal is ultimately the same and so to is the key to success; you must be absolutely clear on what the job, position or passion entails! Exactly what does it look like? Do you have the necessary qualifications and experience? Is it a viable industry? A clear vision will result in a more focused search and an easily recognizable career path, one which will be noticed by decision makers.

Clarity in the direction of your career will result in the confidence that is needed to stand out in the crowd and positively influence recruiters and HR professionals. If you are not sure about where your career is headed, you can be assured that those recruiting to fill a specific role will have no idea either and no reason to consider you as a potential candidate.

Organizations are very clear about the position they wish to fill and Recruiters or HR professionals are entrusted to secure the right candidate; the individual that most closely resembles this criteria and one who exudes the confidence that says, “I’m the right candidate and I will exceed your expectations in this job!” It is the clarity, confidence and expertise exuded that has even influenced some employers to create a position in their organization.

wDcdJbcfqkjeAAAAABJRU5ErkJggg==If you are currently in career transition and not completely confident in the direction of your career or employed in a position that is not meeting your expectations, seek out professional advice from an Executive Career Management Professional. “A professional coach will listen, collaborate, support and assist you to identify and gain clarity on your goals, achieve your dreams, fulfill your aspirations and enhance your power to succeed.”


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