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Please take a look at your resume and ensure you have provided the necessary contact information. If you are not sure what the contact information should consist of, please consult a Certified Professional Resume Writer, (CPRW) before sending out your resume!

Over the past 17 years I have invested as much time providing free resume critiques as I have in writing them. Of the thousands of resumes that have come across my desk, the most surprising occurrence is the lack of a phone number. Since no one has ever admitted to intentionally excluding a phone number, I have attributed it to an oversight. In the past, a home number and a cell number were required on every resume but as many choose to eliminate a land line opting for the flexibility of a mobile connection, it is reasonable to believe that eventually many will only have one phone number available to share.

In addition to including a phone number on your professional resume, it is also necessary to add your mailing address, email address and Linkedin address. This is the minimum resume contact information that must be included in your resume. There are no exceptions!

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