Media consumes more time than sleep or work

Media consumption has increased an hour per day over the past two years according to a recent Ipsos OTX Study. This means we now spend one-half of our waking days interacting with media which exceeds the amount of time we spend sleeping or working! This is a significant increase according to a past study  over the previous 8 years, which showed media consumption had increased 2 hours per day.

Internet usage along with mobile devices are key factors in the increase in media consumption. More TV is now consumed online, cell phone ownership since 2009 decreased from 81% to 65% and 24% now own web-enabled smartphones. Social networking sites continue to grow and studies show 77% are active on at least one social network and 36% are members on at least 2 or more networking sites.

Mitch Joel also commented on this study saying, “It’s our ability to fill those smaller time slots (like any idle moment of waiting in your life) with some form of media/entertainment (be it a quick glance of a Twitter feed or checking the sport scores on your mobile device). The more we continue to untether and be free of fixed locations, the more we will continue to see this trend in media consumption rise.”

How much time are you spending online?

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