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There are few investments that are entered into without first evaluating the potential for a return on that investment. A decision to invest in renovating your home may result in an increase in property value or simply a more comfortable atmosphere to live in. In order to realize a significant benefit or a measurable return you will need to rely on your own due diligence to secure the best company for the job. You may choose to volunteer for a charity event or fundraiser, in which case the return on your investment of time will be a boost to your self-esteem, unless you discover it was not a reputable organization. A professional resume will also provide a significant ROI if you exercise your due diligence in hiring the right Certified Professional Resume Writer. As with any product or service, the best recommendation is word of mouth but don’t stop there. Verify company history, certifications and review testimonials. Invest the time in discussions with the individual who will be writing your resume to ensure there is a comfortable exchange of information. After all, this professional will be working with you at great lengths to ensure you receive a professional resume that represents your brand, your value and your achievements to position you as a potential candidate who will stand out from the crowd.

Investing in a professional resume from a Certified Professional Resume Writer can provide a significant return on your investment by:

Increasing confidence and self-worth

Reducing the time required to find a job

Generating several job offers

If you have a substantial work history, you may find it difficult to recall all of the many accomplishments and successes you have achieved in your career. A professional resume writer is experienced at delving into your background and uncovering your most influential, significant and quantifiable accomplishments. Relaying these achievements in your resume and emphasizing your value to a potential employer should result in a boost to your self-confidence. HR Professionals and recruiters agree that confidence is one of the most significant factors in their decision making process.

It is not unusual for an executive job search to take up to 12 months or longer. A rule of thumb that continues to provide a reliable estimate is to allocate one month for each $10,000 in salary that is earned. Every month you are out of work is a significant expense and the sooner your resume gets you noticed, the better. Recruiters recognize a professional resume and the investment you have made in the management of your career adding to your credibility as a potential candidate. There will be no risk of elimination due to spelling, grammatical or formatting errors and HR professionals will acknowledge it as a professional document that warrants their attention. 

Getting noticed in this highly competitive job market is imperative. In addition to reducing the time in career transition, which could be a significant return on your investment, a professional resume will generate more job interviews increasing the potential for multiple job offers and the opportunity to negotiate an increased salary. 

What is the potential ROI in securing a professional resume from a Certified Professional Resume Writer? If a professional resume results in a higher salary and reduces your job search by as little as one month, what is the value to you? The potential for a significant monetary return on your investment in a professional resume is evident but it is also an investment in you, your career and your future. Your personal and professional success is priceless!  

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