How are you finding your job?

If you are new to finding a job, you may be a little overwhelmed by the increased number of job search tools available today, especially online.

According to a recent survey, Monster is listed as one of the elite in the online employment industry.  Another study to determine where 15,600 respondents found their last job reported that 13.3% were as a result of an ad posted on an Internet job board.  A further study of over 7,000 employees rated surfing online job postings as the number one most popular job search activity and the second most popular job search activity was updating their resume.
Networking is still your most effective job search tool, whether it be through online professional or social sites, or the many organizations that are available for face to face meetings such as ExecuNet or HAPPEN.

Today, it is imperative that you have an online presence!  Hiring professionals are using online networking tools to find you. Can you be found?

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