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3 Ways to Fit Executive Career Management Into Your Busy Day

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Do you manage your career? If not, why not? Statistics tell us that people who invest in executive career coaches and resume writers advance their career faster, earning more money for their families and investments.

However, this all takes time, not just money. As an experienced executive career management professional, I know that when you are gainfully employed time is precious. After working long hours, you want to devote your evening hours to family and other personal interests.

Here are three ways to fit career management into your busy day, without sacrificing the rest of your life:

  1. How do you use your commuting time to and from work? A simple search can reveal dozens of business podcasts and audio books you can access on the go. The information revealed will benefit you as your career advances, and will minimize the bumps in the road that are frequent in both good economic times and bad economic times.
  2. Why reinvent the wheel when countless business experts with years of experience have written books about their mistakes, secrets and insights? The wisdom you gain through their books can help expedite your career advancement. If you cannot find an audio version of the book you want, or prefer to read text, executive summaries can be a real time-saver. One of my colleagues recommends Actionable Books and Soundview Executive Book Summaries.
  3. Are you still reluctant to use social media platforms to promote YOU? Many of my clients who are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus – even for just minutes each day – reap significant rewards, and entice intrigue through their posts and sharing. This can often result in an executive recruiter or human resources professional calling them to offer another opportunity. You don’t need to be as active as you would be during career transition, but don’t fall off the face of the earth on social media the moment you land a new job, only to jump back in and think the world will listen to you and want to do you a favour the instant you are terminated. That’s not the way it works.

Still daunted by the idea of adding career management to your hectic schedule? I would suggest that you manage your career a little at a time. What is 10 minutes of your time, right now, if it can save many thousands of minutes if you were suddenly downsized by your company?

By having a clear career direction and doing this ongoing work, you will put yourself in the number one pole position when the checkered flag goes down on your next job search race.


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