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When and How to Update Your Career Plan

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In business, corporations consistently update their strategic plans. In the technology world, applications and hardware are always being upgraded. So when was the last time you updated your career plan?

As a career and executive coach, I recommend that my clients review and update their career plan annually, but not more than that. You can overdo your career management, which will consume your daily personal and professional life.

Instead, set a time each year to spend a few hours looking at how you can adapt the plan according to your personal changing career goals and those that your corporation may dictate as a result of their strategic goals.

As you review your career plan, ask yourself these five questions:

  1. Have you learned or mastered new skills and are these included on your resume and LinkedIn profile?
  2. Are there skills upgrades you need to match your changing goals, or those of your company?
  3. Are there specific people you could be reaching out to for mentorship, collaboration, or introductions?
  4. Are you doing something every day to build your personal brand and online presence?
  5. Have you defined any new interests or new target employers that should be in your career plan?

Of course there are many external influences that one cannot plan for, such as a corporate downsizing, often likely driven by the global, national or business sector economy.

If you were to be terminated unexpectedly, you could quickly access your career plan, along with the services of a career management professional who can help you execute a strategy.

We cannot always assume that everything will work in the right direction, but your career plan is a tool to guide you through these peaks and valleys and help you stay the course through thick or thin.

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