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How to Use Facebook Professionally

© kreizihorse -
© kreizihorse –

Many people are surprised to think of Facebook as a job search platform, yet it’s the place where everyone goes to learn more about you – including recruiters and hiring decision makers.

I see Facebook as a meaningful business platform that generates a huge brand appeal for me, but also provides me the opportunity to have a little bit of fun. I can bring in my English sense of humour, and share about other interests from my life, like aircraft, or my past experiences as a London bobby.

Facebook can be an extension of your professional online presence, bringing in more of your personality. You can certainly post about your personal interests and experiences, as long as what you post is meaningful and aligned with your brand. After all, aren’t you proud of your family? Show them off! They’re part of your brand.

As long as you’re not posting anything that’s completely unprofessional or potentially damaging to your brand, there’s no need to filter or limit who can see what you post.

Why should you conduct yourself professionally at all times, even on a personal social network like Facebook? Just as you never know who you’ll meet when you pop out to the grocery store (so watch how you’re dressed!), you never know which of your Facebook friends or one of their friends may be looking for your talents in a professional capacity.

P.S. If you do want to maintain completely separate personal and professional activities on Facebook, you can create separate Facebook lists for “personal” or “professional” connections, and then choose which list will see your posts. Also be sure to monitor your privacy settings regularly because Facebook does update them.


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