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How to Show Your Personality Without Losing Credibility

© Rui Vale de Sousa -
© Rui Vale de Sousa –

Creating credibility is the backbone of building a successful and lasting relationship. Yes, we all have things we feel passionate about, but it’s at the height of that passion when you should stop and ask: Is what you’re about to say going to diminish your professional credibility? If so, then your mouth should be zipped.

You don’t want to portray yourself as someone who is immature or unreliable, shows disdain for society, is overly negative, or consistently pushes your political or religious beliefs onto others.

As discussed in many previous posts, social media is a perfect platform for you to send meaningful, striking and resonating messages marketing yourself as a perfect candidate. And while I encourage professionals to be active on multiple web-based channels, there is a strong temptation to over-share too much personal information on social media.

There is a limit on what the people at the other end can tolerate. Your audience doesn’t want to be bombarded constantly with messages from you, crowding out others in their stream. Here are some suggested guidelines from SumAll and Buffer about how to time your social media messages – when and how often.

Keep your messaging brief and succinct, and aligned with your brand as well as your personality. Yes, you can have a personality on social media – it’s meant to be somewhat social. In trying to be professional and credible, you don’t want to go too far the other way and seem like a robot, impersonal or stand-offish.

Show your genuine self across the web, as well as when you meet somebody in person. To break the ice, explore your mutual hobbies and interests. Your natural enthusiasm will shine through when you’re talking about something you’re passionate about. Ask compelling questions that encourage the person to open up as well. Make positive comments and show that you are listening.

Finally, remember that it’s not just about what you say or write, it’s about what people see. We all naturally judge people by their dress code and appearance, so be extra careful about the personal photographs you choose to post on social media. Yes, it’s okay to have fun and maybe even frolic, but don’t show that to a wider audience or you’ll risk your credibility again.


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