How to Be Your Own Career Coach

© Felix Mizioznikov -
© Felix Mizioznikov –

According to executive recruiters, times have changed and it’s now a candidate’s market, allowing you the option to pick and choose your career opportunities and direction.

Yet too many professionals ignore the value of their career, choosing to stay unhappy and demotivated. They’ve become a robot, counting the minutes until the end of the work day, with little or no excitement or engagement in what they do.

Do you manage your career? Do you know where you want to be in two years, let alone five years? If not, why not?

There are various strategies you can utilize to enhance your career advancement and ambition. Let’s simplify this and get back to the basics by starting out with a career plan.

Don’t be disheartened by thinking that you are worthless and have nothing to offer a new career or employer. Everyone does, and there is an ideal position waiting for you right now.

Are you doing everything you can to be found by the hiring decision makers for that ideal position?

How is your online presence? Do you stand out from the competition? Are you number one in people’s minds and search results when they source talent using LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook?

Aside from social media, the most important tool for career management success is an updated resume. How do you know that tonight or tomorrow somebody won’t come knocking on your door with a termination notice? Or asking about your career goals, and for a copy of your resume for a new opportunity?

Engaging a career coach brings significant return on investment, but you can invest in yourself by creating a career plan, staying motivated and happy at work, and updating your resume and web portfolio. Be proactive. Be persistent. Be your own career coach.

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