How to Stay on a Recruiter’s Radar

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An executive recruiter can bring huge value to managing your career. Do you have and maintain relationships with them through thick or thin, both when you are gainfully employed and when you are in career transition?

To achieve the maximum impact in a relationship with a recruiter, you need to stay on their radar all the time. Use social media to allow them to see that you are having fun, achieving your goals, and delivering results as you progress in your career.

As an executive career management professional, I have seen over the years that the people who advance their career the fastest are the business leaders who stay connected with executive recruiters.

I’ve taught my clients to do this in a quarterly email that includes a STAR story (Situation, Task, Action, Results), along with a personal message that demonstrates their value, ambition, drive and determination, and conveys their commitment to review all opportunities within their area of expertise.

Meeting recruiters

The optimum way to secure initial interest from an executive recruiter is to seek an introduction via a referral. Just don’t let that referral down, as they already most likely have a strong relationship with the recruiter!

Good career management also involves you being highly regarded by your functional peers and industry peers. To illicit enough trust from your peers to be introduced to recruiters, make it a regular practice to volunteer in your industry and accept public speaking engagements.

More and more executive recruiters today are frequenting trade shows, association functions, and community events where you may be attending or volunteering. They are usually more than willing to open up a dialogue that could lead to a fruitful and lasting relationship.

If you are regarded as an expert, always accept the invitation to be quoted in the media – print, TV or web.

Many people are intimidated at the idea of connecting with recruiters. Remember that executive recruiters are ordinary people, in search of specific talent to meet their clients’ criteria and fill a variety of executive positions. So stay on their radar and that talent could be you!

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