interview tips to win the day

Interview Tips to Win the Day

Think positive, enter every interview with the goal of winning and creating a memorable impression.  Interviewing is filled with emotions.  I’ve yet to meet a person who enjoys every interview they enter.  There are certain processes which you should onboard to increase your chances of capturing the offer and convincing the hiring manager that you are the number one applicant. 

Here are 8 interviewing tips to secure your job offer:

1.  Positive Energy.

Excite your interviewer or interviewers.  They are attracted to the candidates who express positive energy, are upbeat and optimistic.  Sound excited about the position and intrigue the interviewer portraying your interest in the job and that you are ready to accept the position.

2.  Set Firm Goals.

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Employer’s set standards and goals.  Why should you be different?  Set your standards and goals.  Those who succeed and advance their career faster know where they want to be in 1 year and 5 years.  Initiate a step by step plan on how you will reach those goals.  Don’t walk blindly.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  Be focused and tenacious and let those ambitions reverberate in the interview.

3.  Highlight what you can do for your future employer.

The best impression is to sell as if you have the job.  Be polite and articulate clearly and precisely the benefits and skills you will bring.  Be eloquent in how you can deliver results!

4.  Focus.

Focus 100% on the interview.  Try not to be nervous, tense or judgemental.  Be conversant and fully engaged.  Leave everything unrelated outside the room and you won’t be distracted.  Forget about your cell phone, silence it and leave it in your briefcase or purse outside the room.

5.  Mental State.

Approach the interview boldly with a sense of fearlessness, optimism and confidence but don’t be afraid of failure.  Be authentic, don’t be false.

6.  Never Get Discouraged.

An interview is a meeting of the minds.  It’s a two-way conversation to see if you are a match.  You are going to get tough questions.  Never take them personally, rather do your due diligence on what questions are likely to be asked so you are well armed.  Don’t get discouraged as you enter the tough stage.  Remember that the other candidates will experience the same process.

7.  Show determination.

Portray your focus and drive to ace the interview and leave with a positive impression as you walk through various departments to leave the building.  Expect to win!

8.  Ask the Right Questions.

An interview is not a one-way conversation.  It’s two-ways.  Ask questions, don’t come across as skeptical or prying, rather ask intriguing questions that you are comfortable with and you think will solicit answers to strengthen your relationship in an interview.

In summary, the more interviews you have, the closer you are to a win and a gold medal!

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