feeling dissatisfied in the monotony of your job?

Feeling Dissatisfied in the Monotony?

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a job you love or looking for the perfect fit, all professionals can feel plagued by times that seem monotonous.


The day-to-day of professional life is often very repetitive—you get up to go to work at the same time every day, check things off your never-ending checklist at work, then go home, and it all repeats the next day again. When you find yourself in this position, life becomes as monotonous as doing laundry. Every day feels like rinse, wash, repeat.

However, in order to combat the monotony, you can incorporate some relatively simple things to make your days more interesting:

Invest Time in a Hobby or Something You Enjoy

When you spend time outside of your workday doing something you enjoy, you not only feel happier, but you also increase your productivity at work. By investing your time in pleasurable activities, you generate more energy which improves your focus.

Take a Break During the Workday

We often feel pressure to focus on work 100% of the workday; however, there is value in taking short, planned breaks. First, by planning your breaks, you can set goals to get tasks done before the break. Second, a break allows you to rest your brain and come back to a task when you are reenergized. As a result, you are more productive. When you fill your break with something that helps you let go of stress and refocus, it also increases your productivity.

Additionally, you can change up what you do during your breaks to keep things varied and combat monotony. Perhaps a quick walk outside or having a coffee with a co-worker is just what you need to add a little colour to your day.

Build Authentic Relationships

Investing time with other people adds some excitement while still being a productive use of your time, whether it is with your coworkers or authentic networking. While still focused on your work, simply adding in something different each day keeps things from feeling bland.

Change Up Your Setting

Do you always work in your office? If so, that alone can prove exhausting. Change up your setting to not only improve your productivity but also keep your mind clear and make each day different. Working outside on a nice day, in a coffee shop around the corner from your office, or even in a conference room, it is a small change that helps you maintain focus while adding a little differentiation to your work week. Making even small changes can help you feel more satisfied in your job and help you alleviate stress.

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