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Top 5 Things to Remember During a Job Interview

Job Interview Tips - Young man during a job interviewNow you’re on the spot. The stage is yours. Your resume worked and you got an interview. Now you have to work hard to make that in person impression. Don’t fail now!

Some major components of a successful interview include these 5 Job Interview Tips:

  1. Your body language

Don’t sit dumbfounded, looking miserable, checking your cell phone, or looking around the room. Use this as a forum to be natural, with the same types of hand gestures you would normally use during your daily routine.

Just don’t flail your arms around like a windmill. Use your arms to emphasize your points and portray your passion to be the number one candidate in the interviewing round.

  1. Your choice of words

If you’ve done your research, you will be confident in delivering an eloquent, powerful and resonating impression. Be sensitive to each word as every word counts and will be critically analyzed by the interviewer or the panel. Pause and think before you speak, which will help you avoid any filler words like “um” and “ah.”

  1. Your questions

An interview is a two-way conversation. Nothing more, nothing less. It’s where two parties decide if there is going to be synergy and a match. Arrive loaded with intriguing and thought-provoking questions to ask the interviewer.

Yes, you can ask questions too! Give the interviewers a chance to forward the dialogue. After all, communication is the key to a company’s success and you want to evaluate them as well.

  1. Your posture

During a job interview, all your movements will be scrutinized. Start the meeting with a memorable and firm handshake, and a few well-thought out words of introduction to stimulate the two-way conversation.

Maintain eye contact with the person asking the question. In a panel interview, casually and frequently cast your eyes on the other interviewers.

As the interview unfolds, try employing this mirroring technique. Be sensitive to the movements of the interviewer. If they lean forward, shortly after, you move forward. If they cross their legs, then shortly after, you cross your legs. This shows that you are comfortable and aware of your surroundings, and contributes to the overall success of the meeting.

  1. Your attitude

The power of positive thinking is crucial to the overall impression you will make from the minute you enter the building to the minute you leave.

Even if you make an error in judgment and say something you wish you could take back, clarify quickly and move on, but don’t obsess. Otherwise you will get tangled up in the mixed messages passing through your mind, which will inhibit your delivery.

Wrap up the job interview with a smile, eye contact, and a question about how their interview process is unfolding. Ask when the interview round will conclude, again showing your intense interest as a candidate.

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