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A Career Coach Can’t Get the Job For You

online Job SearchWhen was the last time you invested in your career? Those who do allocate time and funds to manage their career, utilizing experts in executive career coaching and resume writing, drive an extraordinary ROI.

How can these professionals help you? They are experts in their own fields, just like you are an expert in your trade or profession. They can facilitate coaching sessions with you to uncover your attributes and career goals, and collaborate with you to define and document a career plan to advance forward.

They are there as a sounding board to navigate you through job search or career advancement. They will provide you with all the tools, guidance and support necessary to execute the plan and direction, but as I read recently in Forbes, your coach cannot conduct the job search for you. You have to be in the trenches and work hard to achieve success.

In my professional opinion as a leading job search expert, if you are in career transition a typical job search day should span 12 hours, 5 days a week.

For five of those hours each workday, you should utilize social media, maximizing LinkedIn as your primary tool for research and to generate leads. However, don’t eliminate Facebook, Twitter and Google+ as valuable platforms.

Be prepared for hindrances during your job search. Like a full-time job, nothing goes according to plan, and this is where your career coach can bring the value of a different perspective and unique ways to eliminate obstacles.

Depending on your market value and the opportunities out there, a job search can be swift, yes, even within a few weeks. However, I would suggest you plan for the long haul and make this your full-time commitment until you have a job offer in hand and you have reviewed it with an employment lawyer.

Be assured that there is a job out there for you right now, and a career coach can be instrumental in guiding you to your next executive appointment. Happy hunting!


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