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How to Meet the Team on LinkedIn Before You Apply For the Job

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LinkedIn is the #1 platform to connect and network for executive career management. Like any application, this platform is consistently being updated with enhanced services. Most recently, LinkedIn released a new feature for job seekers, called Meet the Team.

As a career and job search coach, I see the potential of this tool to radically alter your job search planning and make it easier for you to distinguish people of influence at the companies where you want to work.

It expedites your discovery of LinkedIn members who can bring you value as you embark on applying to a specific employer. It also provides greater detail on the people who could be surrounding you, if and when you secure a position with their employer.

How perfect is this? What a great way to eliminate time and frustration, allowing you to interact with a person who could be a peer or boss.

As you attempt to connect, be careful, be eloquent, and be confident in your introduction. First impressions count, and you could eliminate yourself as a candidate if you fail to deliver a compelling reason to advance the conversation.

A key element of that impression is having a complete and updated LinkedIn profile. An effective profile clearly details your career path and education. Don’t leave sections of your profile blank, highlighting just the company name, years of employment, and your position. The more detail you provide, the more benefits that listing will bring to you and the person viewing the profile.

The new LinkedIn Meet the Team feature can give you a greater understanding of a potential employer and the individuals who work there. Use these insights as an opening for discussion.

Also use LinkedIn search to connect with former employees at the company to strengthen your knowledge of this future employer. Former employees tend to have no loyalty to their previous company, and may spill the beans with new information and potential conversation points for your interview.

As impressive as the new Meet the Team feature is, don’t ignore the many other methods for uncovering information about the company, the hiring decision makers, and your future colleagues. Embrace the internet to its full capacity to advance your executive career search faster and reduce your time in career transition.

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