Are you prepared for a job search?

Are you prepared for a job search if you lost your job tomorrow? Randy Woods writes, You may want a new job, but are you ready? He provides results of a recent poll which showed over 80% of respondents were either “somewhat prepared” or “very prepared” to start searching if they lost their current job tomorrow. That’s good, right? It might be if those believing they were prepared had a current resume! Only 20% said they had updated their resume in the past 3 months and 44% hadn’t touched their resume in more than a year. These results are from the many polls and surveys conducted by Robert Half International, the world’s first and largest specialized staffing firm. Their investment in the ongoing development and success of their clients is evident and most recently they developed the Job-Hunt Readiness Evaluator, an automated tool that asks a series of questions about job-search prep work and assigns a point score on overall readiness and provides tips to help improve your chances of landing a new job.

There are many job search tools and strategies that could be discussed or implemented but there is one single component that is critical to any job search and that is a resume. A single document that represents your soft skills, hard skills, work history and education that must be kept up to date and ready to submit online for a potential job opportunity at any time.

Are you prepared? Is your resume ready to send? Submit your resume for a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer and be prepared.

“Success is when opportunity and preparation meet” ~ Robin Ryan


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