Exceeding Expectations to Get the Job

Are you exceeding expectations in order to get the job? Who would you choose to work for you, someone who meets your expectations or someone who exceeds them? Are you investing in the time, effort and creativity necessary to ensure your competive edge as a potential candidate? If you’re not sure, the following questions will help in providing the answers.

How much time did you invest in preparing your resume?
Did you actively solicit critiques to ensure your resume was aesthetically pleasing, free of errors and highlighted by quantifiable accomplishments?
Have you prepared an impressive profile page that is hand deliverable?
Do you have your social media profiles established, specifically on Linkedin?
Have you invested in a new business card to promote yourself while in career transition?
Are you actively networking online and off; attending 2-3 networking events per week?
How much research are you doing to target potential employers?
Are your cover letters addressed to key people and contain details representing your knowledge of the company?
How many thank you letters are you sending out?
Have you invested in your personal appearance; presenting a professional image?

For those currently in career transition, most will agree that the job search process is a full time job. The time you invest is a good indication of the impression you will have on a potential employer as a candidate who meets or exceeds their expectations.

It took David Eleyonich many hours to design and compose the following page to accompany his resume in response to an executive position that was available within the golf industry. Do you think David exceeded their expectations?

David Eleyonich11

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