Job Search or Holidays?

Summer is fast approaching and plans for summer holidays have likely been in the works for awhile now inspired by an early start to the cottage season due to unusually temperate weather during the month of April. If you are in an active job search, are you coordinating your holidays around your job search? If you are considering a long term suspension of your job search to opt for an extended summer holiday, you may want to reconsider.

The advantages of a summer job search are really quite astounding. Most of the year your resume will be one of hundreds or possibly even thousands, all hopeful to secure the opportunity for a job interview. The competition is fierce as we slowly recover from an economic downturn that resulted in record job loss rates throughout North America. What if your resume was only one in thirty instead of one in one hundred?

Did you know that 70% of your competition withdraws from their job search during the summer months? Whether this consistent phenomenon is due to those who would rather spend their summers at the cottage or those who don’t believe a successful job search is possible during these months, the fact is, should you decide to stay in the race, your opportunity to reach the finish line just got that much greater!

Now is the time to ramp up your job search and take advantage of the summer months. You’ve just outrun 70% of your competition and all you had to do was stay in the race!

For further information on job search strategies contact Elite Resumes to speak to Martin Buckland, Certified Job Search Trainer and Job and Career Transition Coach.

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