Establishing a Visible Brand

Successful career management requires establishing a visible brand.

A brand must be credible and consistent.

Visibility requires a professional online presence.

Have you established a visible brand? Is it reflected in your resume and your online presence? When was the last time you googled yourself? If you google your name and you are clearly visible in first page results, you are on the right track. If your name presents many pages of search results that are all related to yourself, this is impressive. If, however you are able to google your brand or expertise without your name and still produce results for yourself, that’s the ultimate personal branding accomplishment.

The following individuals and their areas of expertise are worth a search as they are great examples of establishing a visible brand:

Dan Schawbel is a world renowned personal branding expert and is easily found online by simply searching, personal branding.

Martin Buckland provides executive career management services and holds many certifications including, Certified Professional Resume Writer. You will not require the use of his name to produce online results, simply search for executive career management or professional resume writing.

Chris Brogan has established a well respected, visible brand in the social media world as an author, entrepreneur and speaker.

One highly visible brand that represents consistency but lacked credibility is easily found if you do a search on golfing.

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