Professional Resume Writing 101-31

Professional Resume Writing – What not to do

Your resume is a very subjective document and cannot be perfect in every one’s eyes because not all recruiters and HR professionals share the same opinion. However, there are some points that are shared by the majority of these professionals when it comes to “what not to do” so it is obviously in your best interest to take heed. After all, they are the decision makers. Will you give them a reason to discard your resume or inspire them to call you for an interview?

Michael Stern, an Executive Search Professional, writes,  “Avoid these deadly job search sins” for JobSeeker Weekly. One of the 8 mistakes listed that are often seen by recruiters is  to submit a 10 page resume and he had this to say, “No one has the time or the interest to read so much about you, so not only is your effort wasted but may count against you. Stick to the salient points. When appealing to busy employers, less is more.” Included in this valuable list of  “deadly job search sins” is submitting documents that others can’t open and babbling on in a job interview.

It is due to the prevalence of critical resume mistakes that there is such a wealth of information available on “what not to do“. By avoiding these mistakes you can create a professional resume and optimize your opportunity to advance in your career.

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