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Professional Resume Writing – Contact Information

Many critical points are taken into consideration during the creation of a professionally written resume, which are in addition to the compilation of a positive, accomplishment-based history. One of these critical components is a client’s contact information.

It is necessary to include all of your contact data, leaving no secrets. First and foremost is your name, which should be highlighted by using a larger font size than the contact information that follows. Your complete physical home address, including your postal code or zip code should follow. A phone number that will be answered in a professional manner should be noted as either a mobile number or a home number. If you are confident that both your home and cell numbers are equally viable include both numbers. Always remember a missed call could result in a missed opportunity.

Equally as important as your phone number is your email address. In today’s highly competitive job market, it is critical to provide as many options as possible for an HR Professional to connect with you and make it as easy as possible. No one will take the time to try and find you if you choose to hide pertinent contact information.

The omission of an email address is sure to result in a lost opportunity but there are other reasons an HR professional or recruiter may discard your resume even if you do include one. These are examples of email addresses that should not be included in your resume: A professional resume must have a professional email address so if your current email represents your hobby,, or change it to represent your given name!

It is not always possible to obtain a new email address if you have a common name without slightly altering it. When doing so keep it simple and clear to those who will be reading it. Consider adding your middle initial or using your first initial with your second name in full. Use your given name, as Jonathon will not be as common as John. Letters are more easily decipherable than dots or dashes, .  –  _  or 11’s and ii’s. Carefully review the email address you are considering by writing it down and keying it in to ensure it will not be easily misinterpreted. If it is incorrectly entered into a data base it is unlikely anyone will initiate the task to pursue a correction.

Employers are interested in candidates that keep up to date on the latest in technology, media trends and innovation. If you are still using your ten year old email address @hotmail or @AOL, you may want to consider   changing it to @rogers or @gmail. Finally, do you have a Linkedin address? If not, you need one. A Linkedin url is the final and necessary component of your contact information required on a professional resume.

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