Do You See Yourself as a Rising Star?

If  you see yourself as a rising star and have clearly laid out your career path, you may already understand that your successful career will rely on the support of many other individuals. No one gets to the top without an extensive personal and professional network. As a rising star you must be driven, focused and continually earn respect as a leader. Any delusions about doing it all on your own may cause you to lose your footing while climbing the ladder of success.

It is important to recognize within your personal network, those supporters who are close to you with a genuine and vested interest in your success but equally so, is to steer clear of those who can be a negative influence. Expanding your professional network will be a critical component throughout your career, building relationships in a reciprocal manner by asking what you can do for them and in turn benefiting from what they can do for you.

Sir Richard Branson accredits many colleagues throughout his autobiography for his renowned success. Executive Recruiter, David Perry, dubbed the “Rogue Recruiter” by the Wall Street Journal, speaks often on his accomplishments but never without attributing his success to the support of his wife. Also in the career industry is Paul Copcutt, an expert on Personal Branding who acknowledges his father in every speaking engagement with respect and admiration for his positive influence contributing to his success. And finally, Barack Obama, President of the United States. Driven, focused, respected as a leader and with the personal support of his family and the professional support of thousands, won the votes of millions.

Do you see yourself as a rising star? Who are your cheerleaders? Your success will be directly attributable to the support of your network of family, friends, colleagues, professional advisors and mentors.

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