Words are a vital component in a job search

What words are you using to sell yourself? If you are in career transition or consulting experts within the career industry, you have likely been asked, “what words describe you?” The consistent use of significant words and a catchy, enticing tagline will help in establishing your brand and increase your visibility to stand out from the competition. As with the following words used in these eternal corporate taglines, the words you choose are a vital component in managing a successful job search. 

“Good to the last drop”

“Strong enough for a man, but made for a woman.”

“Snap! Crackle! Pop! ……..”

Not unlike these famous taglines, your personal and professional tagline should present a clear message representative of your expertise and the value you have to offer your target audience. In a job search your goal is to entice HR professionals, recruiters or even a colleague who may be in a position to recommend you to a potential employer. Consider your expertise and more importantly, what value will you bring to an employer when composing your tagline. Here are some examples:

Senior Marketing & Sales Executive:

“Entices more customers to buy more product, more often, for more money”

Project Manager:

“Introduces enthusiasm and stimulates interest in highly technical initiatives”

Principal – Private equity:

“Orchestrates change, brings order to chaos”

Senior Sales Leader:

“Audacious business pioneer renowned for sourcing and securing new business opportunities to penetrate saturated markets”  

Tagline Guru, Eric Swartzhas an exceptionally informative site on taglines which is worth a visit. http://www.taglineguru.com/sloganlist.html

What words best describe you? How will you incorporate them into your tagline? 


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