Job Search Tools Evolving

A one page bio continues to evolve as the most requested job search tool by HR professionals and recruiters. That’s not to say you no longer require a professional resume. Job search tools have been evolving in response to an increasingly competitive job market and wide spread use of the Internet. Those in career transition are expected to provide further evidence of their talent, value and ability to establish a professional image and an enticing brand utilizing social media tools in addition to a professional resume. Long gone are the days when a simple handshake sealed the deal with an employer and you were advised to start tomorrow. The costs associated with hiring the wrong person for the job are just too exorbitant today to ignore a thorough investigation and interview process.

A professional resume is still the most critical job search tool and must be available at all times online and offline. The most significant change in a resume is the addition of online addresses such as a Linkedin URL and distribution is now predominantly online rather than by hand or snail mail. A one or two page resume has been the norm for many years but the increase in the number of appointments as a result of a continuing reduction in tenure and the availability of a One Page Bio have seen HR professionals and recruiters more receptive to a three page resume as long as it is warranted by an extensive career history.

Today’s job search and the ability to maintain a successful executive career requires the use of the following mandatory job search tools, many of which were not even heard of as recently as 2 years ago!

  • Professional Resume
  • One Page Bio
  • Linkedin profile
  • Additional online profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Naymz, Plaxo, Google, ZoomInfo and Visual CV
  • Online engagement/participation with groups, companies, pages, colleagues, blogs, etc.
  • Current and professional resume, refreshed daily posted on various job sites such as Monster, Workopolis and JobHawk  
  • Networking in person with organizations such as ExecuNet and Happen


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