Are you interviewing in 20 year old attire?

If you are a senior executive you have probably updated your wardrobe several times over the past few years and would not consider  going to a job interview donning a 20 year old suit. If you are managing an executive career with your sites on moving up the corporate ladder, have you given consideration to updating your wardrobe recently? Equally important, have you updated your physical appearance in the past 20 years? In this competitive job market, employers are looking for the whole package and it is as imperative that you look as impressive as the credentials are that you bring to the table. After all, you know your chances of getting the job are hinged on making the best impression possible.

Of course there are those who don’t think appearance should matter and it is possible that you may walk into your next job interview and sit down with an interviewer wearing an old wrinkled suit and sporting a long grey beard! Seriously, what are the chances? Your opinion of whether your appearance should have an influence on the decision maker is totally irrelevant because we are all human and it will! You will be considered for a position based on a potential employer’s impression of YOU and not what you want them to think of you! If you want the job, the final decision in landing it will not be yours, it will be theirs!

The value the potential employer believes you will bring to their organization will be evaluated. Do you stay current? Are you innovative? Do you embrace change? Not unlike curb appeal when buying a house, your appearance will influence the decision maker and the answer to these questions. Your ability to move an organization forward in a competitive economy will be questioned if your appearance shows you’re are still living in the 80’s sporting a beard and moustache, wide legged trousers, outdated glasses and a comb over.

Go for the makeover, dress the part, feel good about yourself and exude the confidence needed in an interview to impress upon the interviewer that YOU are the best person for the job! It is a small investment to entice a potential employer to want to investigate further giving you the opportunity to sell them on your many successes and your expertise.

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