Your Resume is Your Foundation

Whether you are building a house or managing your career your success will be determined by a strong foundation.  In your career, your resume is your foundation. Your career can take you in many directions but your advancement, your success, will be directly related to opportunities.  By maintaining a professional resume you will ensure your opportunities for job interviews are secured and not lost.

Your resume is the tool that opens doors for you and every door it opens is another potential opportunity.
Consequently, you could be missing out on many opportunities if your resume is not well written. Do you remember The Price is Right? Imagine Bob Barker, (or Drew Carey), saying to you, “Come on down!”, and instead of giving you an option to bid on one item, he gives you the opportunity to bid on everything! You can be assured of increasing your opportunities in your job search with a professionally written resume! And with more options, you have a better chance of making sure, “the price is right”, for you.

Martin Buckland is currently providing career coaching for a client in need of turning down job opportunities!  Since he is responsible for preparing the resume that has successfully provided the opportunity of multiple job offers, this is coaching he is pleased to accept.

Even if you choose to write your own resume, take advantage of a free resume critique! If you create a good foundation with a professionally written resume, it will provide you with the opportunities needed on your path to a successful career.


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