If you are unable to clearly articulate a voice message, how are you ever going to find a job? When leaving a message, do you repeat your name and your phone number? Do you concentrate on the clarity of your message and the speed at which you are speaking? Did it ever occur to you that the reason people don’t return your calls is because you have not given them the resources in order to do so?

Call display sometimes resolves the mystery of an unidentifiable phone number left on a voice message but first impressions do count and if you are unable to articulate a phone message, it will cast doubts on your abilities elsewhere. Whether you are speaking to an automated voice mail or an individual, your message should be relayed as clearly as possible and it should always be repeated.

Begin all messages with your name and number. You may need to say who the message is for and then continue with the reason for your call. At the end of your message repeat your name and your contact number. I understand this sounds pretty basic but more messages are received that do not include the repetition of a name or number than do. Some do not include a number at all and then there are those that are played over and over again in an attempt to decipher the number but to no avail.

Take into consideration the tone and the volume of your voice. Smile when you pick up the phone. If you sound miserable or your message is so quiet or garbled that it’s a major struggle to retrieve your information you may not achieve the result you were looking for – a returned call.

You have an opportunity to be considerate and create a positive impression simply by concentrating on your articulation!

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