can I brag during a job search

Can I Brag in a Job Search?

The topic today bragging in an interview. I was told not to brag.

can I brag during a job search

When you enter a job search or just general career management, people are going to hire you because of your performance.  Many years ago, when I first started in this business people were measured on their responsibilities, not so much their performance or accomplishments.  Today, it’s reversed. You will be hired because you can articulate in your resume, your CV and your LinkedIn profile, your accomplishments. We need to see your accomplishments. We build accomplishment driven stories, and we express and articulate them in a resume or a CV and on your LinkedIn profile.

Market Yourself

I know it’s tough for some people to get into the sales mode. You are a product and you’re sending that product to the market. Your resume, your CV, your LinkedIn profile are all part of that package. That’s the packaging, you’re inside that.  They want to see that you can perform in certain areas.  Can you make them money, especially in sales or can you save them money? What about eliminating head count? Can you streamline operations or cut out divisions? Can you go through the M & A process or through the IPO process? The list is phenomenal. Be proud of those accomplishments. Don’t be humble.

Brag, Brag, Brag!

There are cultures that are humble, but you need to come out of being humble.  I love the countries that are humble, but you now need to sell yourself because you are going to be measured. You are going to be hired. You are going to be interviewed–corporate interviews just simply because you articulate your accomplishments, your projects. If you save money, or if you completed something ahead of time, that can also be an accomplishment. So brag, brag, brag, sell, sell, sell!  Get out of that mode of responsibilities and being humble. Get into the mode of selling yourself.

I Can Help

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