Investing in Soft Skills

How much time and money have you invested in your soft skills? Developing soft skills and hard skills are equally important in moving forward in your career. Despite this fact, you’ve likely invested a great deal more in your hard skills.

Investing in hard skills, such as a university degree, is an important element in your career.  Your hard skills will be impressive on your resume and may get you the job interview you wanted.  But once there, you need your soft skills! The ability to greet people in a professional manner is critical to your success. Needed are a  good handshake, eye contact, appropriate attire, confidence and clear communication.  Your soft skills include your ability to be persuasive in the way you share what your hard skills can do for the company you are interviewing for. If you want to shine above the competition, your soft skills are critical.

Noticing, adapting, developing and strengthening your soft skills is a sound investment guaranteed to open up new opportunities. It is your soft skills that will ensure a memorable first impression!


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