Public/Private Companies, Their Executives and Board of Directors

Blogging on a daily basis involves a great deal of researching, which inevitably results in more time spent reading or listening than writing.  The information available online is infinite!  If you have an insatiable desire for news, data, facts, general knowledge or simply the pleasure of enjoying an amusing anecdote, professional blogging is a dream job!  What makes it even more fulfilling is sharing the information that will benefit others, which is why I want to share this site with you, This is undoubtedly one of the best sites I have discovered covering all aspects of business worldwide!  If you are seeking any information about companies, their executives or their Board of Directors this will be an invaluable tool for you.

At BusinessWeek’s Company Insight Centre, “Search over 42,000 public and 322,000 private companies worldwide. Find stock quotes and charts, news and press releases, financials and key competitors. Research compensation figures, biographies, and board relationships of key company executives. Read up-to-the-minute global sector and industry news”.

It was while searching for information about a specific company and their CEO that I discovered BusinessWeek’s site and was truly amazed at the detailed data available.  It is professional, user friendly, informative and current.  There is more information available on one page of this site than on a host of other websites!

Search options may be available for companies and individuals on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn but you may need to invest a lot of time or possibly in a paid membership to acheive results.  Keeping in mind that the information available consists only of what an individual is willing to share.  The advantage of Linkedin is the possibility of actually connecting with someone once you have found them. BusinessWeek’s site won’t connect you directly but it is certainly an impressive tool to locate a company and the individuals within that company within seconds!

If you are interested in “anything and everything to do with business” go to

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