Your Online Profile – Will it get you hired or fired?

CareerBuilder has a great article by Selena Dehne on the impact your social networking profile could have on getting hired or fired.  She suggests that many people have no idea, or maintain an, “it won’t happen to me” attitude when it comes to posting derogatory statements or lewd photos that may cost them the job of their dreams.  Also listed in this article are key points on how to get hired, by showcasing your skills, and how to get fired by posting a scandalous photo or updating your profile on company time.

Bosses screening applicants’ Web lives, published in the Globe and Mail shows the results of a recent survey by which found that 22% of hiring managers are screening potential employees via social networking profiles, up from 11% in 2006.

The top concerns among hiring managers included posting information about drinking or using drugs, posting provocative or inapporpriate photos and information, poor communication skills, lying about qualifications, descriminatory remarks and an unprofessional screen name.

The survey found 34% of hiring managers that screen candidates on the Internet found content that resulted in dropping them from the short list.  However, 24% said they found content to help them solidify their decision to hire a candidate.

Only 16% of workers with social networking pages said they modified the content on their profile to convey a more professional image to potential employers.

Is your online profile putting you at risk for an opportunity to land your dream job?

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