3 Ways to Assess Your personal Values as You Build Your Career

3 Ways to Assess Your Personal Values as You Build Your Career

One of the leading causes of dissatisfaction with one’s career is when your career does not align with your personal values. You may think that this is something you would be able to look past and still effectively do your job, but over time this misalignment weighs on you. It is almost impossible to detach and not feel the dissatisfaction with your career in general when your values and occupation do not line up.

This makes it necessary that you incorporate your values and your personal brand, so you can find a career path that will be rewarding and satisfying.

3 Ways to Assess Your personal Values as You Build Your Career

How to Assess Your Personal Values:

  1. What are your priorities?

Ask yourself what you consistently prioritize and how those can influence your job. Do you want flexibility in your schedule? Do you want to work with a team or do you prefer to work by yourself? Is travelling for work something you would enjoy? Is a particular company culture important to you? Make a list of these priorities and rank them. Then, use that information to maximize your job search and inform your career decisions.

  1. What are some things you need in your life outside of work?

Do you have a family that you need to have plenty of time for? Do you need to have time to go for weekend hikes? Do you spend time volunteering? As you decide on your career path, ensure that the demands of your job will allow you ample time to do the things you love. Without these things, your life will not feel balanced, and you will burn out, so be sure to make these values a priority.

  1. Are you reflecting as your life changes?

For many, this is a continual process because as life changes so may your values. As life changes, your priorities change, and what you valued five years ago may be a priority today. Therefore, reflecting on your values on a regular basis will help you as you navigate your career path, and determine if it is necessary to make changes in your career.

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