Use Social Media to Aid Your Job Search

Use Social Media to Aid Your Job Search

We are in an age where traditional job advertisements have decreased in frequency, and, more and more, companies are turning their search for candidates to social media. Therefore, as an executive level candidate, it is imperative that you build your personal brand using social media.

Why are companies turning to social media?

For companies, there is a vast number of candidates available to them through social media sites. The benefit is that they do not have to passively wait for candidates to apply while hoping they get someone perfect for the part. Conversely, using social media, organizations can actively seek candidates who would be an asset to their company. Plus, they can conduct candidate research at the same time to ensure each person would be a good, professional fit for the company.

How can you use social media to benefit you in your job search?

Be Active:

Using social media to aid your job search requires you be active. What does that mean? It is Use Social Media to Aid Your Job Searchineffective to merely set up your account and then leave it alone. You must use your social media profiles to engage with organizations, groups and people. Participate in conversations online. Demonstrate your expertise, values, and experience by commenting on articles you share. Amp up engagement by writing your own articles. Participate in online discussions among the groups you follow. Make your profiles visible so potential employers can find you easily and recognize right away that you are social media literate and an expert in your field.

Reflect Your Personal Brand:

Think of your social media activity on sites such as LinkedIn, as a way to build your personal brand. Your personal brand communicates who you are, your experience, qualifications, and values to your network and potential employers. This is your chance to stand out. Your social media profiles provide you the opportunity to network and show potential employers how you will be an asset to their organization and encourage them to actively seek you out.

Build Connections:

Social media is a fantastic platform on which to build your network. It allows you to interact with people outside of your immediate network and industry, which serves to broaden the opportunities that come your way. You can forge a network of influencers on social media, build relationships, and use those connections to authentically network with potential employers.

Watch What You Post:

Make sure your profiles accurately represent you. Avoid embellishment or any information that could be misconstrued. Ensure your LinkedIn profile does not hurt your job opportunities. Therefore, it is imperative that your posts and interactions accurately communicate your qualifications, expertise, and value. Ensure your pictures, comments, and articles you share or create are appropriate, professional, and communicate the correct image potential employers should have of you.

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