5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit You Even If You Already Have a Job

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit You Even If You Already Have a Job

Many believe that LinkedIn is only beneficial if you are in the middle of a job search. However, LinkedIn can have many benefits that can help you stay updated about topics and companies that are relevant to you even if you are not currently searching for a new job opportunity.  Here are the top 5 LinkedIn Benefits:
  1. Consistently Update Your Profile

Often when you first set up your LinkedIn profile, you rush through it and do not add all the relevant information that will help you network, share your accomplishments, and communicate your goals. Therefore, it is highly beneficial to update your profile consistently. That way, it is always up to date, and, if you find yourself in a position to search for a new job, your profile is ready to go.
  1. Customize Your Newsfeed

5 Ways LinkedIn Can Benefit You Even If You Already Have a JobSimilar to Facebook, LinkedIn allows you to customize your newsfeed so that you remain up to date on the topics that interest you. Rather than being bombarded by items that do not interest or pertain to you, you can view recommendations to acquire a list of topics and individuals. When you follow those topics or individuals, those posts will then show up in your feed so that you are consistently provided with information that is relevant to you.
  1. Get Email Alerts for Your Searches

If you are not someone who likes to frequent LinkedIn but find value in the articles and topics you encounter, you can set your settings, so alerts for those topics are sent directly to your email. With this setting, you never have to worry about missing something that is relevant to you without the burden of regularly checking your page or having to sift through tons of articles.
  1. Follow Company Pages on LinkedIn

A hidden gem on LinkedIn is not just individual profiles and the ability to find jobs, but also the company pages. Following company pages allows you to learn more about your industry while also staying on top of new opportunities and your competition.
  1. Let Recruiters Know You Are Open to Opportunities on LinkedIn

If you are in a situation where you are looking for a new job, identifying that you are searching for new opportunities and the types of prospects you are looking for can be extremely beneficial. In LinkedIn, you are able to let recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities in your settings to enable your ability to get more leads from potential employers. Additionally, building relationships with those recruiters is favourable for your chances of being recommended for a position when the time arises.

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