“Is not currently open to receiving introductions or InMail”


Not open to receiving introductions is a message you do not want displayed on your Linkedin profile when someone is trying to connect with you. Why? Because Linkedin is the #1 Professional Networking Site. There are currently over 100 million professionals on Linkedin. You will find close to 2.2 million companies with detailed profiles including past and current employees. Linkedin has over 3,000 jobs posted in Canada and over 42,000 jobs posted in the United States. Over 80% of recruiters and HR professionals are seeking potential candidates on Linkedin. Adding Connections, Introductions, Answers and Groups are only a few of the features that are available on Linkedin for the purpose of networking and engaging professionals. And lastly, would you attend a professional networking event and turn your back to an extended handshake?

The message, “Is not currently open to receiving introductions or InMail” will display to someone interested in connecting with you if you have intentionally or unintentionally missed selecting the appropriate settings when completing your Linkedin profile. Since intentionally blocking introductions on a professional networking site lacks professionalism and social media etiquette we’ll address this as an oversight or a simple mistake and advise how to make the necessary corrections.

You will find your name in the top right of your Linkedin profile. Under your name select “Settings”. Choose “Email Preferences” found on the left side and address each category beginning with, “Select the types of messages you’re willing to receive”. You do not have to choose all of the OPPORTUNITIES listed although why would you make a choice to limit your opportunities even if it simply allows you to share those which are not of interest to you with someone else? Save your selection and then choose, “Select who can send you invitations” noting the Linkedin recommendation, “Anyone on Linkedin”. Unless you’re so popular that you are receiving hundreds of invitations you are unable to manage, why would you want to limit who can send messages on a professional networking site?


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