Is Your Resume Gathering Dust?

When was the last time you updated your resume? If you can’t recall, it’s time to dust it off and freshen it up. An outdated resume could easily take you out of contention. Professional resumes continue to evolve as does everything else in life. Nothing stays the same unless you’ve made a conscious decision to close your mind and resist acknowledging anything new.

It is true that the majority of people do not like change. Often those who embrace change are recognized simply by their appearance. There are those who are dressed very smartly in 2011 styles and many who think their 20 year old suit looks better than any of the newer styles. I grew up with an Aunt who was always out of style and complained quite loudly and bitterly hating every new trend and swearing she would never wear “that”! “That” lasted until the next style came in the last one was no longer available and she just stayed “out of date”. I’ll never forget the day my mother said enough was enough when her sister-in-law offered her money to pay for hair cuts for my father and brother since the slightly longer “do’s” in the 70’s were not acceptable to her because she was still living in the 60’s.

Resisting change is certainly common but when it comes to your career and your resume,  common sense better take over. A successful career does not happen without change and doors will not open unless a resume is professional and up to date. If you have let your resume become so outdated it’s gathering dust, it could easily be presumed that you yourself could be lacking when it comes to the latest industry trends, marketing initiatives or technological advances. Do you have a competitive resume that could position you as a potential candidate?

If you do not have your Linkedin address on your resume, leave it in the dust pile. If you begin your resume with an objective, leave it in the dust pile and if your resume states, “references available on request” leave it in the dust pile!

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