Skills Required in 2011

A professional resume must communicate a great deal of information to decision makers in a clear and concise manner. Highlights of achievements and a detailed work history in addition to continued education are only a portion of the required content. The skills required in 2011 which will be key influencing factors in your job search include hard skills, soft skills and an online presence that is professional and consistent with the information provided in your resume.

Professional resume writing continues to evolve and is relative to that which most positively influences the majority of decision makers. Today more than ever, soft skills are an important factor to your candidacy and some will agree, even more critical than hard skills. Many organizations are willing to provide the education to acquire hard skills and are recognizing soft skills as valuable, natural talent.

In addition to the increase in the importance of soft skills, there is one more skill that is getting all the attention in 2011 and that is establishing and maintaining a professional online presence. If you are working with a Certified Professional Resume Writer you will be expected to provide your Linkedin address as a key component of your contact data. Dan Schawbel notes the importance of an online influence in Mandatory Skills You Need to Compete in This Economy and says, “Employers want to hire people who are already established and can help them communicate.” You can be assured that HR professionals and recruiters will google your name before considering you as a potential candidate.

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