Giving Thanks, writing a thank-you note

Giving Thanks

Warm wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to my clients, colleagues, and friends in the U.S.!

Giving Thanks, writing a interview thank-you noteThis is the perfect time of year for a simple reminder that giving thanks isn’t just for holidays full of family, friends, and comfort food! It’s important to convey gratitude for those opportunities and favours offered to us by hiring influencers and network contacts throughout our careers.

Here are a couple of frequently asked questions I get from clients about the classic thank-you note:

When should I write a thank-you note?

When someone has chosen to give you an opportunity or done something for you that you couldn’t have done for yourself: Suggesting you as a candidate for an open position, interviewing you, referring you to hiring influencers, writing a reference, or introducing you to a key hiring influencer or employer are a few that come to mind.

Can I write an email instead of a paper note?

Yes, most of the time a thank-you email is sufficient. However, at the Board level and for very meaningful favours, I would advise the more formal handwritten note. It shows appreciation for both the significance and the effort involved.

How soon do I send a thank-you note?

Right after the interview, opportunity, or good deed is done. When you’re in the midst of a job search, consider having a draft thank-you note on your phone or computer. Plug in the details to make it personal, copy-and-paste into your email, send, then save the draft without the changes. A software engineer I know does this and sends the thank-you emails as soon as he gets to his car after each interview. He never worries about forgetting to send them!

Do I send a thank-you note to my recruiter?

When you are hired, yes. The best thank-you for a recruiter is when you become a solid network contact who adds value to the relationship by offering information about open positions, industry news, and referring good candidates to them.

When should I send thank-you notes outside of a job search?

An email or paper thank-you is a great acknowledgement of an effort made on your behalf: A mentor helping you bridge a skills gap, a colleague who tells you about an opportunity for promotion, a leader who helps you grow professionally, are a few examples.

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