Are You a Zebra or a Chameleon

Are You a Zebra, or a Chameleon?

Some animals blend in with their environment, others stand out. When it comes to the business jungle, which are you?

Are You a Zebra, or a Chameleon?Do you blend in with your surroundings, not calling attention to yourself? That can be comforting to an introvert, but it’s not ideal for your career. Someone who works hard, keeps their head down, and doesn’t take credit for their successes is hard to see, hard to promote, and hard to find when it comes time to offer opportunities. Chameleons don’t have a great career path.

Learn to stand out. Wear your zebra stripes proudly. Show your skills, demonstrate your experience, and claim your successes. Not sure how to find or wear your bold black-and-white pattern? Hire a great Career Coach to help you! You can learn how to be visible when managers and hiring influencers are looking around for those who can climb higher!

It’s not bragging or boastful to claim your successes, offer to do more, ask or reach for greater opportunities. It’s how you get ahead! Put the chameleon behind you and wear your zebra stripes proudly!

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