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Ready? Get set. GO!

Are you ready for the traditional bump in job openings in September? Because all those HR managers and other hiring influencers are coming home from refreshing vacations and rolling up their sleeves. They’re energized and ready to fill those open jobs with the perfect candidates!

Ready - Set - Go!Get ready. Ensure your resume is current, with your newest job title, skills, and written to be compatible with modern resume-scanning software. Check your LinkedIn profile and other social media. Were dinosaurs still roaming the earth when you last updated your profile? You’ll need to make your LinkedIn match your resume with all your current information. Those recruiters and hiring influencers aren’t all twiddling their thumbs and waiting around for your resume. Some of them are using search terms to filter through LinkedIn to find candidates…and if your profile is ready, they might find you!

Get set. Of course you need to make sure your suit fits, your hair is trimmed, but there’s more to do so that you are interview-ready. Practice your elevator pitch, and be ready to introduce yourself. Review a few end-of-interview questions you can ask to show that you are interested, engaged, and motivated. Do you work in an industry where you need a portfolio? Is it full of fresh and exciting examples of your work? It should be. Make sure you’re ready to email a resume, book an interview, or send a portfolio as soon as you’re asked.

GO! Reach out to your network and tell everyone you’re looking for a new position. Call that recruiter who found you your last great job.  You are ready for what’s next!

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