5 Tips on Approaching Executive Recruiters

5 Tips on Approaching Executive Recruiters

Here are five tips on approaching Executive Recruiters and how to remain top-of-mind when they’re filling a position that’s perfect for you.


A busy sales specialist, an executive recruiter is short on time, so make sure you’ve made it easy to identify who you are and what makes you the perfect candidate for your dream job. Before you introduce yourself in person, over the phone, or online, have your resume ready, your elevator pitch on the tip of your tongue, your LinkedIn profile up-to-date, and your personal brand polished and ready for viewing.

5 Tips on Approaching Executive RecruitersWhat

In addition, have something to offer the executive recruiter. Information about positions open in your organization, industry news, or introductions to potential candidates looking for work in your industry are valuable to recruiters. Make their jobs a little easier and they’ll remember you!


While you could cold call an executive recruiter or email a resume, recruiters are busy and may not respond. It’s often best to find someone they’ve successfully placed and gain an introduction that way, or start networking at industry events to meet them in person. Executive recruiters  often attend networking events aimed at the senior executive level in hopes of meeting great candidates to enhance their database.


The time to approach an Executive Recruiter is when you don’t need a job. It’s counter-intuitive, but true. When you are relaxed and confident, you make a better first impression. When you’re offering introductions or information and don’t urgently need a job for yourself, you’re unusual and interesting. That makes you memorable.


Why should you approach an executive recruiter? Shouldn’t they find you? In short, it’s a huge pool of potential talent out there and retained recruiters fill over 90,000 jobs a year with candidates. You want to stand out, be visible and available, and you want to offer added value. You want that dream job? Make the person filling that job want to talk to you!


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