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What an Executive Recruiter Should Know About You

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If you maintain a relationship with an executive recruiter, they can be a valuable asset in your career management. In Canada, executive recruiters currently hold about 12% of hiring at the executive level, in the U.S. it’s about 14%, and in the UK, it’s about 18%.

While we’ve already addressed what you should know about executive recruiters, let’s look at a few key things they should know about you. Executive recruiters are not interested in executives who are unclear, unfocused and outdated in the way they manage their careers. When connecting for the first time, give them a set niche area where you want to advance your career.

Be upfront and identify some of the companies or brands you’ve targeted as an ideal future employer. However, always remember that an executive recruiter doesn’t work for you; they work for their client.

An executive recruiter must demonstrate a potential candidate’s qualifications for a particular appointment. If you fit the need, be sure to showcase your accomplishments to the maximum. Their clients will hire you for your demonstrated performance, not your job description or list of responsibilities.

Another criteria that is important to an executive recruiter is whether you’re willing to relocate. If so, be bold and name the cities or countries to which you would like to relocate.

If your career is currently at the $200,000 level or above and you are willing to relocate across the world, get on the radar of the top global executive recruiters. When opening up a conversation with their Canadian, U.S., or UK offices, ask them to share your resume with their colleagues in the other countries where you would like to work. Most will accommodate this request.

Executive recruiters should also know about what you’re doing in your current appointment. They don’t just want to know you in the disaster mode of career transition, but when you’re having fun, getting results, and advancing your career. It’s important to maintain these relationships over time.

A strategy to cement a long-term relationship with an executive recruiter is to email them every four to six months with details of a recent accomplishment. Reiterate that you are always looking out for your next opportunity. Broadcast similar messages to all your connections on social media about your career ambitions, your industry, and your achievements.

Above all, be courteous, be friendly, and be purposeful in your conversations with executive recruiters. Tell them what they need to know in order to help their clients, while advancing your own career.

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